"We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office."
– Aesop

How 5 Countries in the Middle East Could Become 14

Modern art was CIA 'weapon'

"What kind of man would put a known criminal in charge of a major branch of government? Apart from, say, the average voter."

Going Postal, Terry Pratchett (via jdsalinger)

Reblogging bec tis the season

(via jdsalinger)

(via jdsalinger)

How Photos on Pinterest Predicted the (US) Election

" PrezPix, a study just released by the International Center for Media & the Public Agenda (ICMPA), used Pinterest to analyze 8,780 photographs over four months of the 2012 U.S. presidential campaign. The study looked at 21 major American news outlets — including Fox News, CNN, The Huffington Post, Politico, NPR, the New York Times, the Washington Post and USA Today — to see what visual messages about the candidates those outlets were sending. (Full disclosure: I led the study.)”

Oh please take time to explain, Sen. Escudero

"By all means, any legislator’s initiative to amend the Cybercrime Law, and to rid it of provisions that could threaten free expression online, should be supported. Senator Teofisto "TG" Guingona III has filed a petition before the Supreme Court, and as one who voted against the law’s passage in the first place, he should be credited for not giving up on the good fight."

Words of advice from the leaders of tomorrow

"My MBA programme has taken me on a whirlwind tour over the last month and I have been exposed to the most inspiring, professional and intellectual individuals, both students and corporate executives. The highlight was the St Gallen Symposium in Switzerland held in the first week of May.”

Cordillerans ponder on autonomy

"Have we truly defined autonomy? Dr. J. Prospero de Vera III, University of the Philippines vice president for public affairs and faculty member of the UP National College of Public Administration and Governance, said none of the laws passed, including Republic Act No. 6734 (the ARMM law of 1987), has defined “autonomy” other than as “a description of certain types of political structures and arrangements, and most of the time … [as] a label used to describe different degrees of self-rule and shared-rule.”"

Ovation shocks Miriam Santiago out of her skin

"“I am usually applauded when I am guest speaker or when I am featured in a campaign rally. But this is the first time that I have been given an ovation when I was simply a member of the audience. It was a thrill,” Santiago said."

NexNote: Love you maam Miriam!

"Respect is earned through principled disagreement, not through unthinking assent. Employers and servants, masters and slaves, conquerors and vassals can never be friends. Only free men, and nations, can."
– Conrado de Quiros, 8-10-04

"Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularly and for the same reason."
– ?