Study shows that adventure shapes the individual

Brain Bugs: Hallucinations, Forgotten Faces, and Other Cognitive Quirks

"For neurologists like Ramachandran, "the question of how neurons encode meaning and evoke all the semantic associations of an object is the holy grail of neuroscience, whether you are studying memory, perception, art, or consciousness." Ramachandran studies patients with cognitive abnormalities for two reasons: clinical interest in improving the life of the patient, as well as the fact that cognitive quirks and disorders provide insight into the broader mystery of human perception. "

Profit vs. Principle: The Neurobiology of Integrity

"Let your better self rest assured: Dearly held values truly are sacred, and not merely cost-benefit analyses masquerading as nobel intent, concludes a new study on the neurobiology of moral decision-making. Such values are conceived differently, and occur in very different parts of the brain, than utilitarian decisions."

The controversial science of free will

"New findings raise questions about our brain’s role in decision-making. An expert weighs in"

What Will the Human Brain Look Like in the Future?

"The point is, most science fiction gets all this wrong. While the future may be radically "futuristic," with our descendants having breathtaking powers we cannot fathom, it probably won’t be because they evolved into something new, or were genetically modified, or had AI-chip enhancements. Those powerful beings will simply be humans, like you and I. But they’ll have been nature-harnessed in ways we cannot anticipate, the magic latent within each of us used for new, brilliant Human 3.0 capabilities."

Age-related brain shrinking is unique to humans

"Our longer lifespan is probably an adaptation to having bigger brains, the team suggests in their Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences paper.

Natural history of the soul

Caspar Melville meets the man who thinks that spirituality is essential to consciousness, and science can tell us why”

Brain food: does activism make you happy?

"Who’d have thought it? New research shows there is a link between being politically active and wellbeing"