Psychologists Have Uncovered a Troubling Feature of People Who Seem Nice All the Time

Babies think dogs are 'cuter' than humans (Wired UK)

How to interact with the introverted…

NexNote: Yes, it’s about energy! Thank you!

This Is How Much Money You’ll Make Based on Your Personality |

NexNote: As a fieldmarshal, I should be making a shitload.

Cleverer still

"Geniuses are getting brighter. And at genius levels of IQ, girls are not as far behind boys as they used to be"

The Science Of Cute: Is Pedomorphism Why We Gush Over 'Adorable' Things?

"Have you ever wondered just why fuzzy little puppies melt even the most hardened of hearts? And why are baby versions of animals so much cuter than their full-grown counterparts? In fact, what does it actually mean for something to be cute?"

Be an Information DJ

"Memes are ideas, and ideas aren’t ideas without people. So what have we discovered in the brain about what happens when an idea spreads out?"

The Presentation Mistake You Don't Know You're Making

"You’ve just fallen victim to a phenomenon that psychologists have recently discovered, called the "Presenter’s Paradox." It’s another fascinating example of how our instincts about selling — ourselves, our company, or our products — can be surprisingly bad."

Scientist Shows What Happens To 'Soul' After Death

"The Orch-OR theory of consciousness remains controversial in the scientific community. Many scientists and physicists have challenged it, including MIT physicist Max Tegmark, who wrote a paper in 2000 that was widely cited.”

Technological Affluence and Subjective Well-Being

"This study measures the welfare effects of technological goods using a recent European pooled cross-sectional dataset. We find that fixed and mobile phones, music players and personal computers, including those with an Internet connection, are associated with significantly higher levels of well-being measured by individual self-reported life satisfaction. Further controlling for mobile and broadband country penetration levels, we provide evidence suggesting that the latter matters for life satisfaction, especially for the users who already possess the relevant devices. Keeping life satisfaction constant, we subsequently derive substantial GDP per capita estimates equivalent to a 10 percentage point increase in broadband and mobile phone penetration."

Tired of Feeling Bad? The New Science of Feelings Can Help

"Is your emotional style getting you down? Research finds the neural basis of your responses to life-and how you can change them."

Fear Helps You Appreciate Abstract Art, Study Finds

"Eskine, a research psychologist at Loyola New Orleans, is interested in the field known as embodied cognition, which explores the ways that physical states can influence the way that people think. Eskine is particular interested in how people process abstract concepts like beauty, truth, or morality.”